The Children's department of the Rashid Diab Arts Centre was established in January 2006, with the aim of educating children ranging from 5-15 years old in the arts.  We have developed a curriculum geared to enhance a child's creative talent through an annual membership and monthly summer workshops (April-July) each followed by an exhibition as a way to stimulate his expressive abilities

          Our workshops are thought and supervised by a group of trained art teachers and psychologist. First, we try to give, share, and care for our students, so as to create a sense of mutual support and social belonging. These qualities that will be beneficial to them as well as their community at large. Then, we try to bring out qualities that will be drawn and carved onto them, as they too, draw and carve to express their creative impulses. In addition to carving and drawing, the children will also have the opportunity to color, paint, design and mould clay.