The cultural movement in the Sudan has suffered more than half a century of confusion and identify crises. It desperately seeks a modern creative identity in an environment that is entrenched in static traditional perspectives.

    There is malaise in the body of Sudanese arts that hinders its growth, and fogs its vision of the future, and this has prevented the evolution of art. It is high time that civil society and the government join together hand and hand to build a cultural movement.

     Together they can renew Sudanís cultural experience from which a system of evaluation and authenticity can be derived. The arts are an intrinsic part of the current discourse on peace and general humanitarian development, for Art is a means of expressing the soul of a people.

Goals of the Rashid diab Art Center (RDAC)

1.   The Understanding and Development of Sudanese visual arts.

2.  Make formative arts and design accessible to the public and improve their awareness.

3.  Introduce exhibitions of Contemporary art, organize lectures, seminars and conferences.

4.  Work to help the artist develop production skills in  formative arts, calligraphy and handcrafts of the highest standard.

5.  To benefit from the experience of constructing a foundation for Sudanese culture and the advancement of technology in the field of archives, restoration, printing and publishing in the fine and applied arts.